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March Bears RUFC takes the welfare and safeguarding of Children in Rugby very seriously.

Safeguarding - Overview

At March Bears RUFC, the health, wellbeing and welfare of the children who train with us and represent the club, or who visit us, is of paramount concern. Our policies are summarised below and our full safeguarding policy is available at the foot of this page.

March Bears RUFC Youth Section fully endorses the RFU’s Safeguarding Policy and is adopted into its rules in its entirety. The RFU Policy is available to download from the RFU website at and specifically here.

Serious incidents of abuse

Incidents of physical, sexual and serious emotional abuse are rare. Should you believe that you know of, or have witnessed, or possibly witnessed, such an incident you should contact one of our Club Safeguarding Officers without delay. Their contact details are on the website and advertised on the Youth notice board in the clubhouse.

Details of our procedure are contained in the full Safeguarding Policy. Also included are details of what to do if a child confides in you, or you believe may confide in you, about such matters. Please do read this section – the law isn’t as obvious as you may assume.

Our commitment to children, parents and coaches is that we will treat any incident seriously and sensitively, involving the appropriate professionals, remembering that the needs of the child are paramount.

Duty of Care

We believe that we have a duty of care to the children who play in our teams and train with us, and this extends to ensuring that our coaches are appropriately qualified and understand their responsibilities. It is the Club’s policy that all Coaches should have attained the RFU coaching course qualifications appropriate to their age group. All regular coaches and officers of the Club will be DBS checked. The Club will ask a coach to discontinue coaching if he or she refuses to be checked, or persistently fails to complete the forms. This policy doesn’t just protect the Club and the children – it also protects the individual, so please support us in making sure that all relevant individuals are properly checked.

The Safeguarding Policy also lists some “Do’s” and “Don’ts” for Coaches to help ensure that they do not inadvertently expose themselves to allegations of inappropriate behavior.


All adults who have ‘regular supervisory contact with young people’ must undertake DBS check within eight weeks of their appointment to a position which involves regular supervisory contact with young people.
These adults will include:

  • Professional Staff
  • All coaches/assistant coaches
  • Members of the Youth Rugby Section
  • Safeguarding Officers
  • Volunteers
  • Club administrators

DBS checks must be conducted through the RFU Safeguarding Department who have jurisdiction to deal with any matter arising from any such disclosure.


Whilst serious incidents are rare, concerns and complaints about behavior are more frequent. The Club is affiliated to the RFU and we are signed up to, and strongly support, their Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics. This can be found here. Go to the Schools and Youth section and then choose “welfare”. We understand that different organisations, schools and families have different approaches to coaching, support and the motivation of children. However, whilst training at March Bears RUFC or representing the Club, we ask that all children, coaches, parents and supporters respect our policies and standards. We will also make it clear to visiting Clubs that we expect the Codes of Conduct of the RFU to be respected. Our policies can be found in full in the Safeguarding Policy, but are summarised here:

  • The welfare of the children is paramount
  • Feedback to, and support of, the children should be positive, constructive and supportive
  • It is never acceptable to verbally abuse the referee, the opposition and their supporters or any child in the team
  • All children should be accorded equal respect, regardless of current ability
  • Children and young people play for fun and enjoyment and winning is only a part of it – the winning ethic should not be over emphasised
  • All activities should be age appropriate and undertaken with regard to the safety of the children
  • The relationships between coaches and children should be built on mutual respect and openness, and the rights and dignity of all children should be respected

The Club aims to provide a safe environment for the children, but parents must realise that this is a mutual responsibility. Responsibilities for parents include:

  • In the younger age groups, ensure that a designated adult is present during training and matches
  • In older age groups, ensure that emergency contact details are available
  • Drop off and collect children promptly
  • Inform the Club of any medical issues (this information will be available to the coaches) including severe allergies
  • Ensure that the child has the correct safety kit and appropriate clothing
  • Respect the policies and procedures of the club

It is the aim of the Club to build a safe, enjoyable environment, which will foster a lifelong commitment to the game of rugby, for all participants and members, regardless of current ability. We believe that we will achieve this aim by adhering to these policies and ensuring that rugby is an enjoyable and positive experience for all.

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